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Joint Tape for Artificial Grass Combination

Joint Tape for Artificial Grass Combination

Joint tape for artificial grass combination: Main parameters of joint tape:

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Joint tape for artificial grass combination:

Main parameters of joint tape:

ItemJoint tape for football grass installation
100m, 200m, 300m or 500m
Width0.2m or 0.3m
PP cloth

joint tape for artificial football grass.jpg

How to install football grass with joint tape:

1. Move the artificial turf into the site and spread it out according to the horizontal direction of the course, and then advance from the longitudinal end of the course to the other end. When spreading, try to make the white scribe on the turf at the functional line position, reducing the cutting quantity.

2. Cut the excess white line woven on the outer edge of the artificial turf and not placed on the functional line position, and set it to be used. If the white line is additionally woven, it must be manually cut into 10CM wide.

Installation of white grass .jpg

3. Lay the joints of the green artificial turf to 2-3 cm, use the cutting grass to cut the center of the lap joint, make the turf on both sides as close as possible, and then trim with a paper cutter;

4. Spread the 20 cm or 30 cm wide connecting strip along the joint of the artificial turf and place it under the joint of the artificial turf. Try to make the joint of the artificial turf in the center of the connecting belt (if it is wet by rain) Dry the sun of the half angel, then spread the professional glue together with the squeegee evenly on the connecting belt, then put the turf on both sides together, glue it on the connecting belt, and beat it with a rubber hammer to make the bonding part stick. Close. If there is a large gap at the joint after straightening, it can be cut at 2-5 cm here and stretched at the interface to ensure a beautiful appearance;

joint tape for football grass.jpg

5. After the artificial turf is basically spliced, pull the line again to determine the exact position of each function line and point, cut it with a paper cutter, pull out the cut straw, put the connecting belt, scrape the glue, and prepare in advance. Put a good white line back, after cementing, repeatedly beat with a rubber hammer, so that the joint part is tightly bonded;

6. When the artificial turf paving is completed, the folded part of the artificial turf shall be opened with a paper cutter, straightened and butted, the overlapping parts shall be cut off, and then cemented;

7. After all the construction procedures are completed, the quality and requirements of the artificial grass surface layer shall be tested and cleared, and the unqualified areas shall be rectified.

football grass project (2).jpg

View more details from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-zEVY9jNbI 

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