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Which Artificial Lawn Is Suitable For Rooftop Balconies?
- May 22, 2017 -

The roof terrace was originally an area that was easily forgotten, but the effect would be different if a roof terrace was built to simulate the lawn. It can not only make the balcony decorated, but also function more diversified, but there are so many types of artificial lawn on the market. What kind of choice is suitable for the special area of roof balcony?

Experts suggest that the roof terrace can be a landscape or recreational artificial lawn, because it is a kind of decorative lawn products. In addition to the performance of the general lawn, but also has bright colors, rich color features, can play a pleasant visual role. Moreover, this lawn has a high degree of simulation and durability, and can basically be used instead of real grass.

When it is not only suitable for the use of roofs, such as outdoor ground, even slope protection, walls and other wall surface, can be used for practical laying and decorative laying, the effect is very satisfactory.