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Types And Uses Of Artificial Turf
- May 22, 2017 -

The types and uses of artificial turf can be divided into two kinds: sports lawn and leisure lawn. They can be paved on all kinds of sites, and emphasize the sports experience and appearance effect on the basis of safety and environmental protection. With the constant innovation and upgrading of turf products, the types and uses of artificial turf will have more extensive development areas.

The types and uses of artificial turf.

1.Artificial turf on the football field.

Football sports turf artificial turf is the earliest and most widely used species, small in the University playground, street football, football field, the business of large sports venues and all levels of professional athletic competitions, the football field can be used for artificial turf laying, and can meet the performance requirements of the movement level.

At the present stage of football with grass stems of grass with monofilament silk, this form of grass erectness, flexibility and better abrasion resistance, the performance is more outstanding, and the appearance is more real grass, excellent visual effect.

2.other sports ground lawn

In addition to the football field, application of artificial turf has also developed a lot of sports grounds, golf courses, door court, basketball and tennis court, volleyball, baseball, football, field hockey, cricket, badminton courts and grass runway and so on, can use various types of monofilament grass, grass, grass straight wire mesh artificial turf grass, bending wire for laying.

The types and uses of artificial turf.

1.Artificial lawn in kindergarten

The artificial lawn has become the first choice for most kindergartens, and the kindergarten lawn is also a major branch of artificial turf grass. Most of the grass in the kindergarten is straight and curved. It emphasizes safety, environmental protection, excellent quality, superior protection function and beautiful appearance. It is suitable for laying indoors and outside.

2.green lawn

Artificial lawn as a wide range of green applications, can be used for roads, communities, gardens, but also for office buildings, shopping malls, playgrounds, green roofs can do, you can also do interior and exterior walls of the green. High density green lawn feel comfortable and soft, natural color, appearance is very real grass, can achieve the effect of real ones, beautify the green degree of excellent.