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Some Tips On The Maintenance And Use Of Artificial Turf Soccer Field
- May 22, 2017 -


When the weather is hot in summer, the surface temperature of the artificial lawn will be higher, but there is some discomfort for the athletes who are still running and jumping on it. Football field maintenance personnel usually take the method of sprinkling water at the site to reduce the surface temperature, this method is very effective. Sprinkler cooling should pay attention to the use of clean water sources, and spray evenly, the site can be wet, and because of the rapid evaporation of water, you can repeatedly sprinkler according to specific circumstances.


If you simply just dust dust, so natural rainwater can be clean. However, although artificial turf sites generally prohibit throwing litter, but in actual use will inevitably produce all kinds of garbage, therefore, football site maintenance work must include regular cleaning content. Broken skin, paper, shell and other light type of garbage, a suitable vacuum cleaner can be done, in addition, you can use a brush to remove excess garbage, pay attention to do not affect the filling particles.

3.Snow removal    

In general, the snow will wait until the natural melt into the water discharged, without the need for special snow removal. But sometimes it is necessary to use the site, then it is necessary to maintain the football field. Snow removal machines include rotating brooms, machines, or snow blowers. It is important to note that equipment that uses only pneumatic tyres, except for snow, cannot remain in the field for long periods of time, otherwise it will damage the lawn.