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Several Forms Of Aging Of Artificial Turf In Football Field
- May 22, 2017 -

1.the base deformation of artificial turf aging in football field.

Artificial turf foundation by cement concrete or asphalt concrete, if the construction of standardized operation, raw material quality clearance, and not illegal use, such as heavy machine into the site, so the artificial turf based on strength and stability so its service life is far greater than the artificial turf itself, generally about thirty years of normal use.

2.soccer field artificial turf aging base cloth damage.

Artificial turf cloth is in direct contact with the foundation part, by PP, non-woven cloth, mesh cloth, affected by climate and weather influence, such as hot and cold temperature, or is soaked by rain and snow and so on, so must be durable bottom cloth and anti aging degree. If the thickness of the bottom cloth is insufficient or the quality is bad, it will decay and rot ahead of time and shorten the life span of the artificial turf.

3.soccer turf, aging grass, silk fibrosis or joint cracks.

The grass, the core of the artificial turf, is the easiest to wear. The inferior artificial grass and grass silk will appear pulverization in the natural environment, and will cause harm to the human body after being inhaled. The quality of the artificial lawn grass silk will also be long-term use of aging, such as grass silk become loose or broken.

In addition, if the lawn is improperly glued, the joint of the joint and the lawn will crack early. Under normal circumstances, if the pavement is sufficiently standardized, it can basically maintain the same life as the lawn.