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Self Test Artificial Gras Before Delivery
- May 11, 2018 -

Self test artificial gras before delivery

There we always arrange to do self test artificial grass before delivery,extend the artificial grass roll,check if there is extra tread heads or missing stitches.Make sure the artificial turf is qualified for market.

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Artificial turf originated from a project in 1968 in the United States. Because it is particularly wear-resistant and has a high frequency of use, it is widely used in sports venues such as football, baseball etc. It is estimated that the use of artificial turf has reached more than 200 million square meters, and the most widely used is the sports field. Artificial turf is divided into sports and leisure grass decoration. It is mainly applied to school playgrounds, tennis courts, children's activity areas, landscape decoration and many other sports and leisure facilities. It has the characteristics of low cost and high efficiency, long service life, safety and Environmental protection has been widely used in schools, sports and entertainment places.

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Still, some people will worry that artificial turf will hurt the health of the human body. Such worry is completely redundant. As long as artificial turf purchased by regular manufacturers, they are made of environmentally friendly materials that are generally safe.

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