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New Football Pitch Installed With Artificial Turf From Our Client
- Jul 14, 2018 -

New football pitch installed with artificial turf from our client

The value of artificial turf is close to or exceeds of natural turf. Athletes can play on artificial turf without any skin burns or joint damage. Other characters of artificial turf like durable, not easy to fade, make it especially suitable for high-frequency primary and secondary school venues.

The artificial turf is easy to construct and can be installed on various basic surfaces. The basic quality requirements are not high, it is not afraid of cracking, and there is no worry about blistering and delamination. It is simple and economical. For example, laying on asphalt, cement, and hard sand sites has essentially no maintenance costs.

new football pitch with artificial grass.jpg

This new football pitch is installed with two colors football turf, light green and dark green. With pile height of 50mm, high density and best quality.

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