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How To Choose Artificial Turf For Kindergarten
- May 08, 2018 -

How to choose artificial turf for kindergarten:

More and more kindergartens choose to install artificial turf on their playground.Which will make playground full of green all year around,and feel soft while playing on artificial turf.

As such artificial turf is used for our lovely children,there we must pay more attention to its quality,so how to choose suitable artificial turf for kindergarten?There are several tips from Qingdao Chaoyue Artificial Grass,who is a professional artificial grass manufacturer---

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1.Make sure to avoid sports injuries

2.Production process is complex, grass denier, excellent color fastness, high anti-UV index

3.With good wear-resistant, suitable for high frequency-intensive use 

4.Easy to integrate into the surrounding environment and beautiful 

5.Soft and comfortable, easy to play with children on the play 

6.The surface should be smooth and smooth.

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