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How Do You Build The Artificial Turf Site Yourself?
- May 22, 2017 -

Paving the artificial turf site first step: cleaning the foundation.

The basic requirements of turf laying ground roughness, remove debris; if the rugged rough place, repair outdoors flat; then the best conditions of some micro slope or drainage holes, to avoid water.

Paving artificial turf site second steps: turf admission.

The finished lawn is mostly 4 meters wide and shipped in a roll like form, either by logistics or by express delivery. The grass volume arrived at the scene, in order to spread out the natural drying day, the natural lawn expansion is completed, can also make possible indentation fold formation during transport to stretch calm; grass lodging direction must be consistent, otherwise it will produce color.

Paving artificial turf site third steps: cutting turf.

According to the simple design drawings of laying turf, as far as possible to make the adjacent turf lap compact, or slightly overlapping turf two or three cm, with a knife from the middle cut; cutting edges of grass edge.

Paving artificial turf site fourth steps: bonding turf.

1.Place the joint at the bottom of the joint and spread the joint between the joint and the centerline of the joint;

2.the adjacent turf edge uniform rolled up 20cm, glue evenly with a brush and cloth seam scraper in the back and the bottom of the turf (here should pay attention to the use amount of glue less makes the amount of adhesive is not strong enough to overflow, stick to the grass);

3.The hand will be rolled together to press the cloth on the turf seams 3, to apply the glue is not sticky, so that both sides try to fit perfectly without gaps, and with a rubber hammer or hammer is stamped on the real.

4.the edge of the lawn if the wall, then do not need to glue, such as ground access, then you need to turf back glue and ground stick, to prevent being turned from tap.