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Construction Scheme And Notice Of Artificial Grass In Football Field
- May 22, 2017 -

First of all, the site requirements, a total of two points, which is necessary before the completion of the construction project. The first point is the slope, in order to ensure the smooth drainage of the football field, soccer field of the slope is generally 3 -5%%, second is the flatness requirement, the ruler of 2 meters, continuous measurement can meet the arbitrary direction, the error is within 85% 3mm.

The second is the pavement construction, this requires more, I concluded a total of ten points, the first point is to check whether meet the basic engineering slope, roughness, cleaning up the site, the artificial turf football field site requirements are met. The second point is put on the line, using the theodolite and center point detection for steel tape appearance, accurate location and location on the site according to the remaining points, line third points; with transport vehicles will artificial grass lawn move into the ground, spread out along the longitudinal direction of the edge, and followed by the end of the other end of the longitudinal edge to advance; lawn out must check the quality of the lawn, and through the observation of the sun, the grass as far as possible to erect. After using the device will cut grass aside in the artificial grass braided outer white grass line is cut down; the next fourth points is the turf each joint lap 2-3 cm, push type grass cutting knife cut, so that both sides of the junction of turf closely; the fifth is the 40cm wide grass fiber cloth spread along the connection the turf seams, the lawn with uniform adhesive special glue coated in the fiber cloth and the bottom cloth on both sides of the lawn.

The sixth point is viscose, we measured the outdoor temperature, humidity and wind control, reasonable hanging time, generally placed 10-25 minutes, adhesive surface dry lawn is about 8, the criteria for judging the non stick hand is appropriate, on both sides of the grass mosaic, and use adhesive on fiber cloth. Special attention is that the lawn bonding should be completed once and accurately, and must not be repeated back and forth, which will affect the adhesion effect of the lawn, thereby affecting the service life of the lawn. After the lawn is glued, the lawn filling sand truck is used to load the rear wheel and press the joint so as to make the joint of the artificial grass joint more closely and firmly.