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Changes in the artificial lawn to the stadium
- May 22, 2017 -

With the overall reform of China's football program, the domestic football set off a wave, but also led to the development of the lawn market. Whether it's natural or artificial, it's a new market, and then there's a big difference between the natural lawn and the artificial turf. In contrast, where are the advantages of the artificial turf?

1.low economic costs

The natural lawn need pruning, irrigation, fertilization and other daily maintenance can be normal use, the service life is usually 2-4 years, artificial turf life is about 8-12 years, in the use of the need to periodically clear the surface debris, and uniform filling the grass stems erect, annual comprehensive inspection, general accounting from the life cycle cost, artificial turf is far lower than that of natural turf, artificial turf and some high quality can be 100% recovery, the economic costs decline further.

2.durable, high strength, versatile

The natural lawn can withstand the use of limited strength, a week should not hold more than five events, rain and snow weather can only be postponed. At the same time, natural lawns are not suitable for too many non competitive activities, such as large-scale public activities, which cause great damage to the lawn. The artificial turf can be used all day long, there is no limitation on the frequency of use, and it can also be used in other competitive sports such as baseball. Some collective activities or large-scale exhibitions can also be held on the artificial turf, but it should be noted that heavy loads over a long period of time may cause damage to the surface of the lawn.

3.practical and low maintenance

After several generations of artificial turf, grass quality has been comparable to natural grass, especially in the use of frequency, durability, restrictions and other aspects of the use of more prominent.