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Basketball Court, Artificial Lawn, So That Basketball Has Become Safer
- May 22, 2017 -

The basketball field artificial turf is generally used in 1cm high density mesh grass. Witten basketball grass selection of high purity raw materials, imported UV adding anti-aging agent, using the international advanced manufacturing technology, first-class equipment, refined mesh smoothness and upright basketball grass high density, grass is soft and elastic, is not easy to fade, strong abrasion resistance and long service life and other advantages.

The current process, basketball field artificial turf in sports performance is worse than that of silicon PU and other traditional materials, especially in basketball venues sports demand does have some shortcomings. But the characteristics of artificial turf on the basketball court also make its own advantages.

1.the basketball court artificial lawn, very environmental protection

Witten basketball artificial grass using the whole level of environmental protection materials and imported additives, the international authority SGS detection of heavy metals such as lead, wear resistance and anti ageing, anti ultraviolet properties are higher than the national standard. Over the years the lawn products export experience in foreign trade, has been to let Witten more stringent European standards to their own requirements, do the best in the field of environmental protection.

2.basketball court artificial lawn, enough safety

High density flexible mesh grass and the thickness of the 1cm makes the basketball field artificial turf has excellent flexibility and resilience, on the one hand, ensure the basketball movement smoothly, on the other hand, compared with the ordinary basketball court is very hard, in the fierce basketball running jump, inevitably there will be a collision and fall in the basketball field of artificial turf can effectively reduce the risk of injury to the user.