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Application Fields Of Artificial Turf
- May 23, 2017 -

Sport grass

The sports range can be used in football, tennis courts, hockey courts, tennis courts, baseball courts, cricket courts, football fields, basketball courts, badminton courts and so on.

Artificial turf strong abrasion resistance, can be used around the clock, but is also an excellent athlete protection function, can effectively avoid the athletes may be encountered in the movement of the joint damage, skin burns or abrasions, ensure the normal operation of rolling speed and football.

Fallow grass

The widespread use of recreational turf, suitable for indoor decoration, garden landscape and building green lawn, bright green color, fine grass, is the best substitute of natural grass, is more and more widely used in hotel greening decoration, roof greening roof platform, indoor shops, office buildings, office decoration.

Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, can enjoy the beauty of the four seasons......

No non, insect, grass, maintenance cost less than natural grass 5%;

Pets don't pollute their bodies because of rain running through mud, and they don't leave annoying mud footprints;

When the neighbors grass, in the sun when you are enjoying the fertilization, cold in the sun under the umbrella.