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Artificial Grass for Garden and Yard

Artificial Grass for Garden and Yard

Synthetic grass for garden,yard,kindergarten etc,with different heights,colors,can be customized.

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Artificial grass for garden,backyard,balcony and roof etc.


How to buy artificial turf?

First:Look at the production equipment: artificial turf enterprises are regular imported four meters big machine production, dry gum, so woven out of artificial turf products the pullout force and aging can get the basic guarantee. While the small family workshop, shape is two meters wide and one meter wide equipment production manual, the cost of processing natural gum, so low, the price is low, but the quality is not guaranteed, the product is easy to hair loss, glue, aging. So before buying an artificial lawn, ask the width of the lawn a few meters.

Second,Look at grass silk. From the process point of view, artificial turf production process includes the selection of raw materials, wire drawing, weaving grass, glue and other four major technology, there are many factors that influence the four process in the whole process, how to control layers determines the quality of the artificial turf.

The raw materials from the grass line, mainly in high durable polyethylene (PE) materials, and the use of imported high resistant polyethylene (PE) material with unique formula combining artificial grass sports performance out of the production line is good, grass strong gloss, and strong anti abrasion ability, good stiffness, high tensile strength and fracture grass, can be quickly restored to the original in the lodging, ensure the grass anti-aging ability of up to 6-8 years.

In addition, the extension of the turf (20%-35% belongs to the normal range), fracture (more than 110N), the breaking time is a measure of the artificial turf quality index, is closely related to this partnership, and the selection of wire drawing, rewinding machine etc.. On the other hand, base cloth and mesh cloth determine the anti-aging ability and fracture resistance of grass line. Generally, the transverse fracture, longitudinal fracture and bursting of high quality bottom cloth and grid cloth are 40% higher than that of the same base cloth in China, and the anti-aging capability is 6 years. At the same time, the use of imported styrene butadiene latex adhesive coating, the properties of gloss, adhesion, suitable viscosity. After the glue, the turf must pass binding (more than 45N), dry degree (grass water soak 24 hours after the check if there is a white liquid to emerge on behalf of white liquid glue is not curing) and abrasion test (more than 10000 times, the index is the detection of artificial turf after wear effect 8 after use the performance, turf (grass) breaking strength, bursting strength, tear strength, flame retardant (grade 1), burning spot diameter less than 50mm) at the end of the test, through the test of qualified lawn finishing, roll packing.

However, the market does have a lot of artificial turf to dumping, will play tricks on the grass line of raw materials and formulations, not only the use of ordinary PE material, but also a large number of mixed recycled materials or inorganic materials, these materials cost is high quality material 1/3. In fact, adding a lot of inorganic substances in the formula, the wear resistance and aging resistance will greatly reduce the turf, mainly reflected the adverse fade, the tensile strength decreased the effect of using in the grass, and after a period of time will fly, we breathe powder in motion in the process, the body will be greatly hurt. At the same time, the grass line also contains a large number of heavy metal substances, seriously polluting the environment,.

To sum up, to identify the artificial turf quality, not to distinguish only by appearance, it is important to measure the specific parameters of the product, not just from the price to compare. The simplest way is to choose the line of authority, large-scale production base, quality and credibility of the artificial grass manufacturers. Qingdao Chaoyue Artificial Grass is a professional artificial turf enterprises, quality and price are very trustworthy.

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