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Why do we have to choose a lawn soccer lawn without padding?
- May 22, 2017 -

Without filling the artificial football lawn, the quartz sand and the rubber particles need not be filled, so that the fussy, the increased cost, the inconvenient use and the safety uncertainty caused by the filling particles can be avoided. No padding soccer turf is a future direction for synthetic soccer turf.

To complain that the rubber particles filled with artificial turf soccer is not uncommon, some say the smell especially high temperature even more, some said after playing a ball in the shoes of clothes are black particles, some said particles are too hard to play feels very poor...... Traditional football grass must be filled with particles to keep the grass upright, increase elasticity, and reduce the chance of injury.

Rubber particle itself is not what problem, but inevitably there is some bad practitioners in reckless with greed market dragons and fishes jumbled together using inferior materials, cheap shoddy, so that over the years the "poison runway" and "poison grass" repeated exposure, repeated, and behind this, still do not know how many children in hurt. The research and development of free filling artificial football lawn is based on safety, environmental protection and green, and gives the children a healthy environment for sports development.

In addition, there are also some domestic lawn pavement moisture in the filling amount of particles, normal rubber particles filled 6-8 amount of kg/ square meters, but in actual operation, and sometimes can not achieve this standard. Obviously, the filling of rubber particles is insufficient and the filling layer is too thin, which makes the site lack of elasticity and can not reach the protection function. When the ball is played, even the quartz sand is kicked. No padding, artificial soccer lawn can be perfect to avoid this link.

Simply saying no to fill an artificial football lawn doesn't actually replace the traditional grass filled with particles, so it's important to increase the cushion. VIVATURF no padding soccer lawn system is such a complete product made up of a free padding, synthetic soccer lawn, and a shock absorber pad, which can be used directly for pavement.

One of the problems we have to face is that good artificial lawns and general artificial lawns and poor artificial lawns can make a big difference in safety, use, and service life. Witten is filled with artificial lawn system free football has special requirements on the lawn, bottom cloth, cloth, glue, adhesive, joint cushion every link, by the industry as the most close to the real grass artificial turf football field.