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What kind of lawn do artificial grass look like?
- May 22, 2017 -

Artificial grass refers to synthetic fiber will be similar to the grass, by special machinery implanted in a woven substrate, coating on the coating on the back of the fixed to the sports field, garden greening, roof greening, ground floor needs to use the site. It is usually made mainly of polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon.

The product is mainly composed of artificial turf grass fiber, fabric and adhesive is composed of three parts.

What are the advantages of artificial turf?

Strong adaptability: artificial grass is not affected by weather and region. It can be used in extreme climate areas such as high cold, high temperature and plateau, and has long service life.

The simulation is high: the artificial grass has good simulation, and the user is safer and comfortable when moving. Foot feeling, ball sense are similar with natural lawn. Artificial grass color is diverse, durable, do not fade, can be matched with the surrounding environment and buildings, is a good choice of sports venues, the school playground, garden, balcony, golf, various sports venues, leisure venues, Roof garden and other venues.

Laying and maintenance: artificial grass is usually based on asphalt and cement and has a short construction period. The utility model is suitable for the campus with long training time and high frequency, as well as stadiums and gymnasiums, etc.. The artificial lawn has the advantages of convenient maintenance, good water permeability and good abrasion resistance, and can be used for high strength use. The cost of maintenance is lower than that of natural lawn.

Excellent performance: Witten artificial grass tens of thousands of times after the wear test, the fiber weight loss alone 2%-3%, tensile strength, permeability and elasticity are very high, good drainage properties, after about 20 minutes to clean water. Witten artificial grass products using a variety of modern science and technology, the tensile strength, product firmness and flexibility, abrasion resistance, aging resistance and color fastness are reached a high level.

The safety of sports is good: the principles of medicine and kinematics are used to protect the ligaments, muscles, joints and so on when the athletes move on the lawn. The collision force and friction force are greatly reduced when falling down.

Environmental protection products, it does not contain any harmful substances, and has noise absorption function!