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Three characteristics of natural grass unparalleled in artificial grass
- May 22, 2017 -

1.cold resistance;

Cold resistance is one of the most important resistance index of natural grass, the North could be built into the first condition of excellent cold resistance of lawn, natural grass is determined by genetic factors, not easily through cultivation measures to improve, the genus and species differences in cold hardiness widely asked both. The cold resistance of cold season natural grass was higher than that of warm season natural grass. In the cold season of natural grass, creeping bentgrass has excellent cold resistance. In warm season natural grasses, the cold hardiness of bermudagrass was in the middle and upper levels. Beard (1991) of 35 warm season grass natural cold resistance and to compare its cold resistance from strong to weak order: buffalograss, Z.japonica > > > Bermuda eremochloaophiuroides Stenotaphrum secundatum. In addition, natural grass has different cold resistance at different stages of development. The cold resistance of natural grass in young stage is obviously weaker than that in mature stage. Effect of green period, greening rate and lawn turf grass resistance properties of natural life.

2.drought resistance;

In non irrigated areas, drought resistance index of natural grass is very important, but as people require water saving and environmental protection awareness, cultivate water-saving grass becomes one of the most important breeding target. The drought resistance of natural grass is mainly determined by its genetic factors. The drought resistance of different grass species and varieties is different. In general, the cold season type natural grass drought resistance than warm season natural grass, hybrid bermudagrass and tall fescue respectively. Drought is the most warm and cool season grass and natural grass, Centipedegrass and creeping bentgrass is poor drought resistance of two kinds of natural grass in the grass. In addition, more drought in natural grass health than natural grass sickness. Drought resistance of natural grasses is usually determined by bioassay. Studies have shown that the distribution of root depth, root weight and root branching ability in shallow soil is one of the genetic differences exist, the reason of different species and different ray of drought resistance in addition, can also be such as canopy resistance, leaf area and transpiration to breeding of water-saving and drought resistance by using other parameters of natural grass varieties.