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The future focus of artificial turf
- May 22, 2017 -

At present, the development of artificial turf in our country tends to focus on systematic construction. With the development of the market, who made grass in the material, Ping technology, construction and other aspects have undergone great changes, these changes are for the purpose of the artificial turf in sports performance closer to the natural grass, probably can be divided into the following stages:

The first stage: nylon based material, like a carpet, poor flexibility, no protection for athletes, vulnerable;

The second stage: PP material mainly, and filled with quartz sand particles, hardness;

The third stage: mainly PE material, filling quartz sand, and filling rubber particles, which has the elasticity of natural grass, and greatly improves the performance;

The fourth stage: to FIFA certification standards, pay attention to the basic construction, system construction, this stage in addition to reticular artificial turf, also appeared in straight mixed products, materials are PE mixed with PP, PE mixed with nylon, to further enhance the performance of sports;

The fifth stage: mainly with monofilament artificial lawn, in addition to the pursuit of sports performance, but also the pursuit of better appearance, while paying more attention to the construction of the system.

The market is developing from the fourth stage to the fifth stage. The requirement of artificial lawn is very simple, the requirement of foundation is not high, it can be cement ground, asphalt ground, or hard sand ground, cement stabilized layer.