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How to revive the artificial turf
- Jun 30, 2018 -

 Artificial turf shelf life and how to refurbishment, usually the shelf life of artificial turf can reach 6 years, need to be refurbished after reaching the service life. Let's introduce how to revive the artificial turf.


 Usually the artificial turf is damaged after the construction through the relevant refurbishment process. The natural turf is actually the same, and measures should be taken after degradation or damage. Although these may not be suitable for artificial turf, it is good to have some knowledge. Although the natural turf is a perennial material, its life span is relatively short. In order to prolong the service life of the natural turf, rejuvenation is one of the ways to ensure the durability of the turf. It mainly involves the strip renewal method, the root renewal method and replanting. Three methods.

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 The so-called strip renewal method is to cut a 50 cm wide piece of grass with roots of stolons and roots every 50 cm, and then add peat soil or compost soil, and flatten the land from the head pad. Therefore, this kind of lawn is different from artificial turf. It grows and degenerates after reaching a certain annual line, so it can be re-grown.


 Due to the influence of soil, climate and other factors, the natural turf will gradually degenerate. At this time, it is necessary to use a punching machine to form a lot of holes in the lawn. The depth of the hole is about 10 cm. Fertilizer is applied into the hole to promote new roots. growing up. Or directly adopt the method of rotary tilling and rooting, so that the turfgrass can be divided into many new seedlings. Obviously, artificial grasses do not need to do this.

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 If some parts of the natural grass are invaded by weeds, remove the weeds and replant the seedlings in different places in time. It should be noted that the turf must be pruned before transplanting, and it must be compacted after replanting. The turf is closely linked to the soil, which is the same principle as the artificial turf and the foundation.


 In fact, repairing artificial turf is not easier than new artificial turf field, but it is more difficult. What problems and precautions will be encountered during the renovation of an old artificial turf field?

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 1. The renovation of the artificial turf field requires the dismantling of the old artificial turf and the replacement of a new artificial turf. The first step is to dismantle the artificial turf. This is a key link. The first thing to pay attention to when dismantling artificial turf is to not destroy (eliminate) the original artificial turf foundation. The artificial turf foundation is generally cement, asphalt, or other lime soil cushion. During the installation process, the artificial turf is bonded by adhesive. On the ground or seam belts and non-woven fabrics, use the tools to remove the artificial turf and the joint layer during the process of removing the artificial turf. Do not break the artificial turf foundation.

 2. In addition, the dismantled and scrapped materials are all measured in tons. Therefore, due consideration should be given to the quotation process. When lots of novices visit the venue, the artificial turf at the venue is close to the bald bald, and it is thought that they need to be transported and cleaned. There will be less garbage, but this is not the case. Because the amount of granules and quartz sand filled in the new artificial turf site is basically the same, a standard football field is taken as an example. The quartz sand filled is about 200 tons, so this is a very A huge amount of garbage disposal work, so it must be fully considered when making budgets.


 3. The old turf is handled and cleaned of old, quartz sand, and rubber granules. These waste materials are absolutely unusable. After many years of use, these old materials have long lost their inherent properties. Miscellaneous dust and other dirty things are no longer safe.


 4. Before paving a new artificial lawn, it is necessary to clean the site first. If possible, it is better to rinse with water once again. Clean up the dust on the ground and then begin the artificial turf further.


 The above-mentioned artificial turf shelf life and how to refurbish it for everyone to introduce here, welcome to continue to pay attention to Chaoyue artificial turf!


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