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How to avoid site problems caused by installing artificiail turf
- May 15, 2018 -

How to avoid site problems caused by installing artificiail turf:

As for installing artificial turf on the football field, the general steps are a little familiar to many people. However, in practice, many pitches have been used for a period of time and there has a problem of open seams in the venue. How can we avoid this? What is the problem of open seams on the artificial turf soccer field?

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The preparatory work must be in place. For the 1-2 days before the artificial turf is transported to the venue, rinse the site first with water. After the site has completely dried. Note: Check whether the site has accumulated water, and correct and fill the uneven areas. After laying the foundation standards and meeting the paving requirements of the artificial turf on the football field, arrange the logistics to transport the artificial turf to the venue.

Next, according to the design drawings of the course, we will begin to put grass. 

Note: Before the lawn is set out, we must look at the dimensions marked on the lawn package and the color of the lawn firstly.

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The preparatory work has already been completed, and now enter the paving of artificial turf. The most important and critical part of the artificial turf football field is the paving of artificial grass. The first step is to spread the artificial grass out of the pavilion, in accordance with the direction of the short side of the playground in each two-volume lawn directly seams

Note: The joint seams installation cannot be omitted. Some manufacturers do not offer joint seams to the customers in order to save costs. If found, they should be promptly obtained from the manufacturer.


After the joints are fixed, the joint between the artificial turf roll and the roll will be installed. Note that the artificial turf has to cut off the black sides of each roll of grass when the docking is installed. If you do not cut off the black border, it will cause unevenness between each roll of grass, and it will be easy to open. In the process of butt jointing with lawns, it is necessary to pay attention to uniform brushing during the glue application process, and to apply glue on the back of the artificial grass and the joint belts. Do not press the lawns and joints immediately after painting. After the glue cures for a while, it is essentially tack-free before pressing.

The final step in the turf paving is the bonding of the white lines on the site. In general, the artificial turf is also woven in the whole roll. The white lawn is first cut into lines. The five-a-side court is 10cm wide. Standard eleven football The line of the field is 13-15cm wide. At the same time, the green lawn corresponding to the site line is cut out, and a seam band is put on the lower floor, and then the white lawn is embedded and adhered to the green lawn.

After the paving of the lawn is completed, the steps of sand injection and rubber granules are started. Note that the quartz sand is filled first, and then the site is combed so that the quartz sand is completely injected into the artificial turf, and then the rubber granules are filled again. For the purpose of combing the venues, for grass artificial grass with a grass height of 50mm, after the rubber granules are filled, the length of the exposed surface of the grass should be controlled to 10-15mm.

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