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Football shoes suitable for different types of artificial turf
- May 22, 2017 -

Football shoes suitable for different types of artificial turf

Football lawn nets introduce different types of artificial turf for you

When many football fans into the store or buy soccer shoes on the network, usually attracted by some kind of style or color, but the Italian style and color of the products is divided into different types of spikes, some consumers because of carelessness or do not understand, buy shoes in the process of wearing not comfortable or even injured in in the movement, largely because of your spikes caused by improper.

Manufacturers launched a new propaganda, often let the steel spikes players wearing the highest level of film posters and television commercials, fans bought the shoes, but this is not the best choice for your nails!

SG (Soft: Groud) for natural grassland on the surface of the soft or very soft, this kind of shoe tacks are usually free handling metal nail.

FG: (Firm, Groud) suitable for natural grassland with relatively hard surface or artificial grass with longer stalk. Generally, in professional competitions, depending on the degree of soft ground, the player will only choose the right shoes in SG and FG.

HG (Hard, Groud) and AG (Artificial, Ground) are suitable for laying relatively thick artificial grass or short grass artificial grass.

TF (Turf), also known as shredded nails, is applied to thin, artificial grass.

IN (Indoor) applies to polished, flat, plastic or indoor wood flooring.