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Core performance index of artificial turf
- May 22, 2017 -

Warrior performance

Artificial turf back with good performance, more suitable for running, exercise, more effective to prevent athletes fall, closer to the natural lawn.

Wear resistance

The artificial turf with good abrasion resistance is more durable and has longer service life.

Anti-aging property

The temperature and humidity adjustment set, using the WOM simulation of normal solar ultraviolet radiation, artificial turf, artificial climate simulation, to achieve the set time, to observe the changes and test of artificial turf color and related physical properties, known as artificial turf anti-aging performance test

Under normal weather conditions, anti-aging properties of strong artificial turf, not easy to fade, not easy to brittle, strong anti-aging properties of the artificial turf color is more durable, more stable, rarely out of grass seedlings, longer service life.

Environmental performance

Through the detection of toxic and harmful chemicals in accordance with the 163 standards of REACH, we have a test report on the environmental protection of heavy metals