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Common problems of artificial turf products
- May 22, 2017 -

Imported grass silk and domestic grass silk

Some people mistakenly think that the grass is better than that of imported domestic grass, in fact, imported products and domestic products, should use quality standard to evaluate the quality of the product, does not apply to the origin of identity recognition, and should use testing and certification of professional testing data and scientific selection evaluation. In 2000, the factory grass domestic production has just started, production process, material formulation, enterprise scale in the city and other reasons, the average level of imports and grass have some differences, but today, many well-known domestic enterprises have already exceeded the international trade technical barrier, products are exported to overseas, early and abroad the brand in the international market with the utmost. The idea of importing grass silk better than that of domestic grass is too old and not objective.

Straw color

There is a perception that the deeper the color of yarn quality is better, in fact, there is no basis in fact, the depth depends on the color depth of Color Masterbatch, and no quality association, the life of the main yarn and anti UV additives about quality and quantity ratio.

Base cloth color

Some people mistakenly think that green cloth is the environmental protection base cloth, in fact if the bottom cloth made of green pigment, additives will increase, but not conducive to environmental protection, and the anti UV performance index will decrease; in site laying after the bottom cloth is filled completely covering materials, properties of the color appearance, had no effect on the site.