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Cleaning, maintenance and maintenance of artificial grass
- May 22, 2017 -

Keep it clean.

Control the use of the site.

Provide enough bins.

Signs of "no smoking" and "no food entering" are erected on the floor.

Repair minor damage in time

Comply with maintenance and cleaning procedures.

Basic requirements for maintenance

When the artificial grass has been installed, it will take at least two weeks to stabilize the grass fiber. Although sports events can be held during this time, we recommend all heavy equipment and unnecessary traffic vehicles not to enter the sports ground. And during this time, the number of sweeps should be reduced to a minimum, especially not at high temperatures.

In addition, artificial grass, unlike natural grass, often requires weeks of use and weathering to achieve optimum athletic performance. This period requires not only the stability of the grass fiber, but also the need for filling of the particles in order to achieve a comfortable, suitable for long-term movement of the ideal state.

cleaning and decontamination

Rain is the best sweeper for artificial grass. It can gently remove dust, pollen, and other airborne pollutants from grass fibers. In any case, artificial grass sites need to be removed in time and to reduce the following problems:

Put enough rubbish bins in order to keep the rubbish from overflowing.

Draw a dedicated parking lane to reduce dirt and car prints on the playground.

Emphasis on smoke-free environment. If possible, use a cigarette - like gum.

small-scale cleaning

After the match, it is easier to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the paper, peanut shell, melon seed, adhesive tape and so on. A satisfactory vacuum cleaner sucked in scraps of paper, food scraps, and surface dust.

When using these machines, there are several points worth noting:

Brush type

Cleaning machines shall have synthetic fiber brushes, such as nylon or polyolefins, with a minimum length of 2.5 inches. A brush must not contain metal or wire.