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Attentions during installation artificial turf
- May 11, 2018 -

Attentions during installation and running-in of artificial turf


Installing artificial turf does not seem to be a difficult task, but there are still many issues that need attention. In order to ensure the construction quality of artificial turf, so that artificial turf can be smoothly put into normal use. Only artificial turf with excellent quality enables people to use it with confidence. In view of this, the artificial turf must be fixed or firmly attached when it is installed, so as to avoid accidents in the windy season and cause unnecessary injuries. And usually pay more attention to check whether the artificial turf edge degumming phenomenon, if it is found that there are abnormal conditions to take timely protective measures to avoid temporary negligence and cause serious consequences. 

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It takes at least two weeks for the artificial turf to process and stabilize the grass fibres. During this time all heavy equipment and unnecessary traffic vehicles try not to drive on the artificial turf. Moreover, the cleaning time should be controlled as much as possible, and at the same time, it should not be cleaned during hot weather to avoid adverse effects on the artificial turf. In addition, rubber-grain-filled artificial turfs, unlike natural grasslands, often require several weeks of use and weathering to achieve ideal sports performance. This time requires not only that the filaments are deeply woven into artificial turf surfaces but also that they need to be filled with particles.


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