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Applications of basketball artificial grass
- Apr 29, 2018 -

 Qingdao Chaoyue Artificial Grass is a professional atificial lawn maker, which mainly provides sports and leisure type artificial turf. The product has good anti UV and flame retardant, long service life, environmental protection and no pollution, and simple maintenance, can be recycled and reused. The artificial turf made by our company is similar to natural grass and even better than natural grass. We will strive to make more users enjoy the convenience of artificial lawn.

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Q: What are the applications of artificial basketball courts in cooperative basketball courts?

A: The good elasticity and traction of the artificial lawn of the cooperative basketball court makes it widely used in all kinds of sports grounds. It is an ideal sports ground material. Many world-class athletes agree that artificial turf can be one of the best ground materials to reduce the injury of knee and footsteps, in football field, tennis court, and in tennis court, Golf courses, runways and other sports venues can see the figure of artificial lawn.

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Q: What about the characteristics of the lawn of the cooperative basketball court?


1. Simulation: cooperative basketball court artificial lawn can be used as ornament, can also be used as a landscape layout, bring people special aesthetic, can be comparable to the natural grass.

2. Add anti ultraviolet agents, not afraid of wind and sun, indoor and outdoor can be used.

3. Good durability, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, anti borer, safe and environmental protection.

4. The lawn of cooperative basketball court can be made according to the requirements of customers.

5. No water, light, convenient maintenance.